Thursday, May 19, 2011

#4 31-40 little notes

Assalamualaikum.. PSM pun da lepas, so sekarang hanya tinggal kursus 3P dengan praktikal ke sebelum masok alam pekerjaan.. So taknak buang masa lagi, kat bawah ni little notes yang aku petik dari 31-40.. Layannn~~~

Day 31 13/04/2011 : I love you for your dreams and determinations. I love you for your smile and your warmth. I love you for everything you are.

Day 32 14/04/2011 : The world is not a pleasant place to be without someone to hold and be held by.

Day 33 15/04/2011 : It is a good thing to be rich and to be strong, but it is better to be loved.

Day 34 16/04/2011 : May be it's luck, maybe it's destiny... All I know is that your love is the best thing ever happened to me!

Day 35 17/04/2011 : Love comforteth like sunshine after rain.

Day 36 18/04/2011 : ....This was what love was: this consecration, this curious, uplifting, this sudden explicable joy, and this intolerable pain....

Day 37 19/04/2011 : When we find someone who is brave, fun and loving, we have to thank the universe.

Day 38 20/04/2011 : Have enough courage to trust love on more time....and always one more time.

Day 39 21/04/2011 : You have intensified all colours, heightened all beauty, deepened all delight. I love you more than life, my beauty, my wonder.

Day 40 22/04/2011 : A small dwelling in the wild meadow will be enough if you are there with me.

Lepas ni maybe ada masa kot nak berblogging.. insyaallah..

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